Video solutions - certainly a good feeling for the passengers

Reliability, safety and vandalism prevention - with alarm and fleet management

The purpose of video recording is primarily to increase the safety of passengers and mobile personnel, to minimize the risk of vandalism, to provide evidence-based documentation in the event of legal disputes and to monitor the events in and around the vehicle. The use of modern transmission technologies such as mobile radio and WLAN enable the live transmission of data to an alarm center. In an emergency, an overview of critical situations can be obtained in real time - a prerequisite for subsequently initiating further measures. Combined with the efficient alarm and fleet management system, this results in a holistic system solution.

Flexibility and evaluation by measure

The DIRECS products offer maximum flexibility: The systems work with analog and digital cameras from various manufacturers and can therefore be used as analog, digital and hybrid recorders. All systems are specially designed for use in extreme conditions and have the required certifications for use in the areas of public transport, public transport, logistics, rescue and transport of valuables. The easy installation of the systems and excellent support from the manufacturer also optimizes the equipment of larger vehicle fleets. Numerous digital inputs and outputs enable integration into existing vehicle systems.


The analysis software E-Viewer and the fleet management solution of our subsidiary TransMoveo not only support the fast and simple evaluation of the recorded data, but are also efficient tools for process optimization within companies.