TurnCAM® Active Blind Spot Detection System

Simply turn off the blind spot

The ROSHO-TurnCAM® consists of a few, high-performance components. This includes the Blind Spot Detection Box, which has a black box with a detection function for the side camera. This registers every moving object that is in the blind spot area. "It is activated automatically by switching off the display by the speed signal and / or turn signals or GPIO signals. Optionally, an external alarm with warning for pedestrians and cyclists can be integrated "


Robust tools for lasting performance

Various monitors and rear view cameras can be connected to the black box, for example the 7 "LCM 703T monitor in an elegant, very flat and robust design housing for use in trucks, agricultural or construction vehicles. Monitor LCM 1006 for the connection of up to two cameras or video sources for mounting on the driver's workstation or on the bow flap above the driver. The 12/24 volt camera SK 1708M is suitable for use as a side and rear view camera. It offers a viewing angle of 180 degrees, is extremely robust and dust-, dirt-, rain- and frost-resistant. It is delivered in the appropriate housing. Camera cables are available in different lengths and with different plugs. Accurate installation instructions are enclosed with the system; If desired, the manufacturer installs it directly in the motor vehicles.


Turn-off assistants for trucks from 2022 Europe-wide mandatory

At the end of March, the EU legislators have now agreed on new rules: By 2022 at the latest, mandatory installation of turn-off assistants will be carried out in all new vehicle types and from 2024 in all new vehicles that specifically inform the truck driver during the turn-off process if a cyclist is overlooked could.

As recently as January, the Federal Ministry of Transport had initiated the program "Aktion Turning Assistant" for the voluntary equipment of trucks with turn-off assistants. However, the available five million euros were emptied within a few days by a veritable flood of applications. However, the subsidy program is additionally hampered by the fact that apart from the TurnCAM® system, hardly any retrofit equipment has been approved by the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

TurnCAM® Blind Spot Detection Box*

TurnCAM® Blind Spot Detection Box
TurnCAM® Box
System features:

  • Blackbox with Blind Spot Detection (BSD)
  • Detection function for side camera
  • Acoustic and visual warning to the driver
  • Any moving object that is in the blind sports area can be recognized
  • Auto-enable or disable the display by speed signal and / or turn signals or GPIO signals are activated
  • BSD function ON / OFF can be set manually
  • Various monitors and reversing cameras can be connected
  • Optional external alarm with warning for pedestrians, cyclists

Blind Spot Detection Box, incl. Buzzer
Art. SCM-1-001-61

* Additional accessories if necessary. required.


LCM 703T

7 "monitor in an elegant, very flat and rugged design housing for use in trucks, agricultural or construction vehicles Connection of up to three cameras or video sources, which can be displayed or switched on automatically in the single image or manually activated Activatable key lock for protecting the camera Device settings against unauthorized changes.

Protection class: IP 64
Camera connections: 3

Art. MM-3-070-01
LCM 1006

10.4 "metal monitor for connecting up to two cameras or video sources for mounting on the driver's workstation or on the front flap above the driver.

Protection class: IP44
Camera connections: 2

Art. MB-2-104-03



SK 1708M

12 / 24V camera for use as a side and rear view camera. Extremely robust (highest protection class IP 69K). Dust, dirt, rain and frost resistant. Can be used as a reversing and side camera for TurnCAM turning assistance systems.

Viewing angle: 180 °
Protection class: IP 69K
Connection cable: MiniDIN
Camera SK 1708M (180 °)
Art. CM-2-180-01
Mirror adapter is necessary for using RK 1708M as TurnCAM® cameraArt. on request
Universal housing for RK 1708M

The universal housing is suitable for mounting on vehicles with a wider box body

Art. on request


Camera cable

Camera cable for connecting the camera to the TurnCAM® Box


MiniDIN male pluggable

MiniDIN female screwable


Art. CW-2-050-02    5 meters

Art. CW-2-100-03    10 meters

Art. CW-2-150-02    15 meters