ROSHO offers digital audio amplifiers and driver microphones for all vehicles with 12 / 24V vehicle electrical system.


The digital audio amplifier DMV 2-MIC has an output power of 2x45 watts. The device has 2x Remote In and 2x Line In. It can be used for indoor and outdoor announcements. With the Bosch adapter (optional), the DMV2 can be easily integrated into the existing vehicle infrastructure via plug and play.


DMV2 with Molex plug

Art. SA-1-002-01


DMV2 with Bosch adapter

Art. SA-1-002-02



The DMV4-MIC is a 4-channel amplifier with integrated 56-bit DSP technology and has an output power of 4x45 watts. To the amplifier a variety of coach radios can be connected. With the built-in DSP, it is possible to customize vehicle-specific sound settings, such as Equalizer or time correction (optional).


Art. A-1-003-02

RFM 02 Driver microphone

Robust telescopic microphone for use in city buses and trains. Switching on and off via the activation on the amplifier. Steplessly adjustable and rotatable in all directions thanks to the integrated 360-degree joint. 1.5-meter cable.


RFM 02 without control cable

Art. A-3-004-01


RFM 02 with control cable

Art. A-3-004-02