Spiral cable

Spiral cable set VAR II - 1,5m

Waterproof three-piece cable set for connecting a monitor in the tractor and a camera on the trailer. 3-meter spiral cable, 1.5-meter camera connection cable and a 1.5-meter monitor connection cable.


SZ-1-001-04 For connecting one camera


SZ-1-001-06 For connecting two cameras

ABS tractor VAR II - 1.5 .

Connecting cable tractor 1.5m.

Plug screwable.


MW 2-015-05

ABS tractor VAR II - 2x 1.5

Connecting cable tractor with 2x 1.5m.

Plug screwable.


MW 2-015-07

ABS trailer VAR II - 1.5  .

Connection cable trailer with 1,5m.

Socket screwable.


CW 2-015-04

ABS trailer VAR II - 2x 1.5

Connection cable trailer with 2x 1,5m.

Socket screwable.


CW 2-015-05

ABS direct connection VAR II - 1.5

1.5 meter direct connection cable for the ABS II series. With this cable you create a robust connection from the trailer to the towing vehicle.


CW 2-015-06

ABS spiral cable VAR II  .

ADR protected spiral cable in 3 meters and 4.5 meters working length.


Standard length 3m



Special length 4.5m


ABS Parkbox VAR II

For the safe retention of the spiral cable or the direct connection plug when not in use on the vehicle.