Products for automotive area

Tailored to each vehicle

Commercial vehicles are indispensable - regardless of whether they are used in road construction, transport or agriculture. But when it comes to maneuvering or resetting these machines, blind spots often make it difficult for drivers to see. The danger is great to overlook something and to endanger man and the environment.


With intelligent camera systems from Rosho, drivers always keep track of things and simply switch off blind spots. So drivers have everything on the screen - right on their monitor in the cab and on request with infrared for a better night vision. But also in the interiors of buses and trains Rosho systems provide more transparency - for the safety of passengers and to protect against vandalism.

Mobile high-speed Internet enhances the attractiveness of bus & train and makes driving time a pleasure: We offer high-performance wireless routers for surfing and streaming even at high speeds, USB charging technology, display and video systems and much more. With it you hang off the individual traffic easily! Because every company is different, Rosho tailors our systems to your exact requirements.


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