Competence center for the commercial vehicle area

Whether it is a truck or tractor, a wheel loader or a bus

ROSHO helps to make the handling of various commercial vehicles more efficient and attractive. The core objective is to strengthen the competitiveness of our customers.


Linking competences

Knowing the needs of our customers and long-term (project) experience characterise our understanding. Our passion for the development of efficient system components and digital management systems drives us forward. By linking both competences we are in a position to significantly contribute to process optimization within the use of the vehicles. Because each company is different, our system solutions are adaptable to the individual requirements of each customer. For that, we committed ourselves to developing innovative and continuously improved technologies.

Products for the automotives area

Here you will find a selection of high - quality camera monitor systems.

Our customers have top priority   

We have always been aiming at producing the best solutions for our customers. We analyse existing systems and how they can be improved by our products and services. Our approach is to ideally complement existing systems instead of replacing them. This way our customers save costs, benefit from extended possibilities of new products and strengthen their own competitiveness.


With our new mission statement we continue to satisfy our customers‘ needs.  It helps us to never lose focus of our prime objective:


“We accept all challenges and manage them successfully.”